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Jessica Biel accepts the Holy Grail of Hotness Award from her A-Team cast mates at the 2010 Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. (x)

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That moment when you want to be Jessica Biel…


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The way he holds her💕💕


Listening to 20/20 Experience and it’s like…Jessica Biel’s sex must be insane, because Justin is singing his ass off. 



Like most fans of Jess & Co., EPs Dave Finkel and Brett Baer “love it when the gang is together" Baer tells TVLine. And this season, "for the first time in a long time, they’re all single." The premiere finds the consciously uncoupled friends capitalizing on that freedom as they try to hook up at the last wedding of the season. That’s where Jess and Kat (a hot genius played by Jessica Biel) will square off over the best man… and, wait a minute, Nick is cool with this?! Finkel says the exes "have made an agreement that they’re moving forward and they are going to be supportive of each other,” and that Miller has reverted to “not trying too hard." Sound familiar? "We want to take everyone back to their roots, their Season 1 personas," the EP continues – which means more dough for the D-bag jar! Schmidt is "back to his beginnings as an all-around douchebag,” Baer says, noting that the roomie uses his expertise to help Jess break into online dating. Elsewhere, Coach becomes a permanent employee at the school where Jess is now vice principal, and Winston “commits to doing something dangerous" — being a cop. On a related note, we are assured that Ferguson is still in the (meow) mix.
BONUS SPOILER | A two-episode arc set in Oregon will enlighten us about Jess’ past.

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I have to say again how fortunate I have been to work on films that had really amazing leading ladies. Talent, beauty and of enduring importance- truly great people. Jessica Biel on “Elizabethtown” was all that and more. Loved doing her makeup everyday and getting to know her. #micheleburkemakeupartist #micheleburke #burke #mua #elizabethtown #jessicabiel